Category: Giving

Meet Laila

Laila, age 3, is preverbal and has an expressive and receptive language delay. She has benefitted from the Talking Toddlers program.

Meet Isabella

At age 3, Isabella Gonzalez put her ear to the TV speakers to hear cartoons. When her family’s insurance denied coverage for hearing services, generous donors bridged the gap.

Meet Bernadette

Bernadette, age 3, has benefitted from the Supportive Treatment of Eating in Preschoolers, or the “STEPS” program, where she participates in group activities that help her with feeding and swallowing.

Meet Morgan

Morgan, age 4, has benefitted from Communication Connection, an assistive technology program designed for children who are nonverbal or have very little verbal output.

Meet Malcolm

Malcolm Dewberry is 19 years old and has high functioning autism. He has benefitted from individual speech-language therapy.

Meet Davion

“If Callier wasn’t here… my mom probably would’ve been like teaching me sign languages, and I’d much rather hear than have to sign.”

Meet Howard

Howard Palmer, age 3, has cochlear implants as a result of profound hearing loss in both ears. Howard has benefitted from the Cochlear Implant Program.

Meet the Durrant Brothers

Connor, Lucas and Gavin Durrant have hearing aids and benefit from Callier hearing services.

Meet Bev

Bev Cavitt is a retired French teacher. She has primary progressive aphasia and has benefitted from Callier’s Communication Learning Program.

Meet Brock

Brock Burson, age 4, has autism and has benefitted from Callier’s Early CLASS program.