Transforming the Lives of those with Communication Disorders

Our Vision & Mission

Our experienced clinical staff work closely with children and adults to identify and evaluate communication disorders in order to develop customized treatment plans to strengthen their communication skills.

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Our program provides active and nurturing learning environments for infants through kindergarten age children.

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Our School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences provides speech-language pathology and audiology students with the qualifications they need in their professional careers.

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Our research is focused on helping every person communicate and connect with others. Through state-of-the-art laboratories, our faculty, students and clinicians conduct research into the cause, prevention, assessment and treatment of communication disorders.

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When you give to us, you give a child a voice. You transform a life. You help patients connect with the world.

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Welcome to the
Callier Center

Communication is the foundation of strong, meaningful relationships: to hear and be heard, to understand and be understood.

For more than half a century, the Callier Center for Communication Disorders has transformed the lives of children and adults with speech, language and hearing disorders. We help them to communicate, and thus, attain meaningful relationships at home, at school, at work and in the community.

Callier is one of a select few communication disorders centers in the nation that combine clinical care, graduate student training and research within one institution. Our comprehensive approach to care through treatment, training and research allows us to serve our patients at the highest level. These three pursuits collaborate to transcend the norm and ensure the best outcomes for people with communication disorders.

Why Callier?

Creating the Ability to Connect

through Giving

“Al Meadows invested in Callier from the beginning, and The Meadows Foundation followed his lead.”

–– Linda Perryman Evans, president and chief executive officer of The Meadows Foundation

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through Treatment

“The Callier Center is a champion for Addy”

–– Jennifer DeWolfe, Addy’s mother

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through Training

“I could see myself doing this for the rest of my life – being able to give back and help, just like my audiologist helped me.”

–– David Tolstyka, audiology graduate student

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through Research

“I hope this project can improve the quality of life for those who don’t have a larynx.”

–– Dr. Jun Wang, Callier Center researcher

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through Hope

“We strongly believe in the Callier Center and the vital services they provide to transform the lives of children with hearing loss in our community.”

–– Michal Powell, Crystal Charity Ball member and 2015 chairman

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