Treatment: Investing in Patients & Clinicians

Excellence in Treatment

With your help, we will create the Callier Clinical Leadership Program, which will be a national model of best practice clinical care in communication disorders. We will also strengthen and sustain Callier’s essential treatment programs that give our patients the ability to hear, speak and connect with the world. In the spirit of giving that honors our founding and signifies our future, we will provide access to care for those who otherwise cannot afford services.

Giving Opportunities

  1. Callier Clinical Leadership Program
  2. Programmatic Investment
  3. Access to Care for All

1. Callier Clinical Leadership Program

Invest in the new Callier Clinical Leadership Program. We will attract nationally known master clinicians in communication disorders who are expert clinical providers and thought leaders in their chosen disciplines. We will also support homegrown audiologists and speech-language pathologists who rise to the top of their field and specialization. Through this program, the Callier Center will become a national destination for patients seeking diagnostic and therapeutic intervention for speech, language and hearing disorders from the leading experts in the country.

Your investment could:

  • Support a clinical leader’s ability to provide the best clinical care in the nation in their field of expertise.
  • Support a clinical leader’s ability to offer expertise, guidance and hands-on, real-world training to students, as they care for patients at the Callier Center.
  • Give a clinical leader support to form collaborative relationships with academic faculty who conduct clinical research, providing the clinician with the opportunity to pursue scholarly activities including writing, publishing and presenting articles and books that will help translate clinical research into patient care and forward the field of communication disorders.

A Conversation with Jenny McGlothlin MS’01, CCC-SLP, CLC

“If you know you have a heart problem, you’re not going to go to a general practitioner for surgery. You’re going to go to a world-renowned cardiologist. It’s the same idea for communication disorders. The Callier Clinical Leadership Program allows clinicians to become experts in different areas, so that we may provide the highest quality of care for our patients.”

Jenny McGlothlin MS’01, CCC-SLP, CLC is a speech-language pathologist, feeding therapist and certified lactation counselor. With co-author Dr. Katja Rowell, Jenny published Helping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating followed by Conquer Picky Eating for Teens and Adults. Jenny has appeared on NPR, in The New York Times, Parents magazine and The Huffington Post.

2. Programmatic Investment

Support Callier’s innovative clinical care programs, led by audiologists and speech-language pathologists with the assistance of graduate student clinicians who provide high-quality, one-on-one, clinician-to-patient ratios that are unique to the Callier Center.

Your investment could:

  • Give children who are deaf or hard of hearing the ability to hear and speak by providing access to hearing aids, audiology services and speech-language therapy.
  • Give children who have language delays or disorders the gift of improved communication and equip them for mainstream preschool or kindergarten.
  • Provide access to diagnostic and therapeutic intervention for children who have sensory or motor-based feeding delays or disorders.
  • Provide access to therapeutic intervention for children or young adults who have autism spectrum disorder.
  • Give adults suffering from a stroke or a traumatic or acquired brain injury the opportunity to regain and maintain their communication skills.
  • Support specialized therapeutic summer camps for children with cochlear implants or speech-language camps for children who have autism, language or learning disorders.

3. Access to Care for All

Invest in a center that distinguishes itself through its spirit of philanthropy. Support our ability to give children and adults the treatment they need, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Your investment could:

  • Provide access to clinical care for children and adults regardless of their income level or insurance coverage.

Meet Our Patients

Meet our patients and learn more about the impact of giving and why your support matters. Your gifts make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families.

I would like to make a gift to ensure that patients receive access to clinical care.

Give Now

Funds that Support Patient Care:

  • Callier Care Fund: Ruth and Ken Altshuler created the Callier Care Fund to provide clinical care to children and adults regardless of their income level or insurance coverage.
  • Evergreen Fund: The Evergreen Fund was established by an anonymous donor to ensure that children in need would receive access to clinical care.