Pediatric Cochlear Candidacy Evaluations

The UTD Pediatric Cochlear Implant Program evaluates children using a best practice, interdisciplinary approach. Children receive hearing evaluations, speech-language evaluations, medical evaluations, and other services as needed. CI Candidacy evaluations are completed at Children’s Health Dallas and Legacy Campuses.

Information is also gathered from the child’s physicians, current teachers, speech-language pathologists, current audiologists, and other professionals working with the child. The purpose of these evaluations is to determine if a child is a candidate for a cochlear implant and to provide the family with information about the benefits a cochlear implant might provide the child.

Audiology Evaluation

Hearing testing is completed to determine if the child’s hearing qualifies him/her as a candidate for a cochlear implant.  Unaided (without hearing aids) and aided testing (with hearing aids) is conducted, as well as testing to evaluate if the child is able to understand any sounds or speech he/she may be able to hear.  This evaluation typically requires more than one appointment for young children.

Speech-Language Evaluation

An evaluation of the child’s communication skills is conducted in order to determine

  • What the child understands.
  • How the child communicates with others.
  • How the child uses listening when communicating.

Medical Evaluation

A medical evaluation, including an MRI, is completed. Children may also be referred for other testing if needed.

Psychological Evaluation

A basic behavioral assessment is completed on each child.

Social Work Consultation

Additional resources may be provided depending on the family’s needs.

Family Meeting and Device Selection

A family meeting is scheduled with all team members to discuss if the child is a candidate for a cochlear implant, test results and the potential benefits of having a cochlear implant.

To schedule an appointment for a cochlear implant candidacy evaluation, please call the Cochlear Implant Coordinator at Children’s Health at (972) 883-1260.