Pediatric Follow-Up Services

Children with cochlear implants require specialized life-long follow up after receiving their cochlear implant.

MAPping/Programming of Sound Processor 

  • MAPping is the process by which the audiologist determines the amount of electrical stimulation each electrode delivers to the auditory nerve so that the child can respond.  
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FM System Consultations/Evaluations 

  • Appointments may be scheduled with an audiologist to determine if an FM system is appropriate for your child.    
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Speech-Language Therapy 

  • Individualized speech-language therapy, including auditory-verbal therapy 
  • Therapy plans, schedules and goals are determined for each child’s unique needs. 

Speech-Language Evaluations 

  • Evaluations by our speech-language pathologists who specialize in working with children with hearing loss can be completed to monitor the child’s speech, language, and listening progress with their cochlear implant. 
  • Recommendations and suggestions will be provided 

School Visits 

  • Team members may visit your child’s school personnel and educate them about cochlear implants and your child’s individual needs.