Callier-Azusa Scale

The Callier-Azusa Scale was designed specifically for students with deaf-blindness by an interdisciplinary team who had many years of experience with this population. It is also appropriate for assessing most students with severe handicaps and is especially valuable for students with visual and/or hearing impairments because of subscales relating to visual, auditory and tactile development.

The method of assessment is through direct observation in classroom settings with input from parents and others who know the student well. A two week observation period is suggested.

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The Callier-Azusa Scale “G”

The scale assesses the overall development of students who are deaf-blind or have multiple disabilities.
The “G” scale is administered by a teacher and/or parent who is thoroughly familiar with the child’s behavior. 

1. Directions
2. Motor Development
3. Perceptual Abilities
4. Daily Living Skills
5. Language Development
6. Socialization

Callier-Azusa Scale “G” (Original, 1978): $20

The Callier-Azusa Scale “H”

Assesses the communicative abilities of students who are deaf-blind or have multiple disabilities in the following domains:

1. Representational and symbolic abilities
2. Receptive communication
3. Intentional communication
4. Reciprocity

Comm. Subscale (1984) addendum scale “H”: $20