Section 3: Roles and Responsibilities

Section 3: Roles and Responsibilities

It is the policy of The University of Texas at Dallas to comply with 45 CFR § 164.530 (a) (1). Accordingly, the President will designate a Privacy Officer to be responsible for the development and implementation of HIPAA privacy policies and procedures.


Privacy Officer. The Director of Administrative Operations at the Callier Center will serve as the HIPAA Privacy Officer.

Job Description. The Privacy Officer shall be responsible for coordination and oversight of compliance at UT Dallas with HIPAA which shall include

  • Developing, implementing and updating privacy policies and procedures as required by HIPAA;
  • Creating and serving as the Chair of the HIPAA Constituents Committee;
  • Creating and serving as the Chair or designating a Chair of the Privacy Oversight Committee;
  • Serving as the contact person to provide information about matters covered by the Notice of Privacy Practices, and responsible for receiving, responding to, and documenting complaints from patients, employees, business associates, and others regarding the Hybrid Entity’s privacy practices;
  • Coordinating and documenting privacy training;
  • Consulting on the review of relevant business associates contracts;
  • Maintaining documentation of privacy personnel designations and duties, including those for the members of the HIPAA Compliance Constituents Committee;
  • Coordinating annual privacy risk assessments and other audits of compliance.
  • Serving as the information privacy liaison to the UT Dallas Institutional Review Board (IRB).


HIPAA Constituents Committee members shall include the privacy officer, director of information security, director of information technology for the Callier Center, compliance office representative and other members deemed necessary by the committee. The committee shall meet routinely to discuss and resolve issues affecting daily operations which impact HIPAA privacy and security.

HIPAA Privacy Oversight Committee members shall include voting members and nonvoting, ex-officio members.  The voting members shall consist of the privacy officer; directors of audiology clinical services, speech-language pathology clinical services, and information technology; director of business operations, representative for the doctorate of audiology program, representative for the speech-language pathology academic program and medical records administrator. 

Nonvoting ex-officio members shall consist of the executive director of the Callier Center, UT Dallas legal counsel, a representative from Information Security and a representative from UT Dallas Compliance.  

The Privacy Oversight Committee is charge with approving Callier Center HIPAA clinical policies and procedures.

HIPAA Regulatory Citation: 45 CFR § 164.530 (a) (1)

Effective:  04/14/2003
Revised:  12/11/2020, 05/14/2015, 11/03/2014
Reviewed: 03/18/2021, 06/09/2015

Donise W. Pearson, HIPAA Privacy Officer
UT Dallas Callier Center