Section 4: Notice of Privacy Practices

Section 4: Notice of Privacy Practices

HIPAA requires the Callier Center to provide all patients with a Notice of Privacy Practices (NOPP) that explains how it uses and shares PHI that it maintains about its patients as well as how patients can exercise their privacy rights under HIPAA.

The Callier Center shall not use or disclose information in a way that is inconsistent with the NOPP. The Center must also give a copy of the NOPP to anyone who requests one. The Callier Center shall:

  • Provide each new patient a copy of the NOPP at the time that services are first rendered to a patient;
  • Make a good faith attempt to obtain a signed acknowledgement from the patient that documents their receipt of the NOPP;
  • Have the notice available at the service delivery site for individuals to talk about with them;
  • Post the notice in a clear and prominent location where it is reasonable to expect individuals seeking service from the Center to be able to read the notice;
  • Ensure the NOPP is available in the clinical area section of the Callier Center web site; and
  • Whenever the notice is revised, make the notice available upon request on or after the effective date of the revision.

Callier Center employees who register new patients shall provide each new patient with a copy of the NOPP and request the patient to sign an acknowledgement of receipt. If a patient refuses to sign the acknowledgment the workforce member shall document the reason an acknowledgment could not be obtained. The acknowledgement form or documentation as to why an acknowledgement could not be obtained must be maintained in the patient’s official medical record.

Revisions to the Notice

The Callier Center will promptly revise its notice whenever there is a material change to the uses or disclosures of PHI, an individual’s privacy rights, the Callier Center’s legal duties, or any other privacy practices stated in the notice. Except when required by law, a material change to any term of the notice will not be implemented prior to the effective date of the revised notice. The Callier Center will promptly make available any revised notice in an appropriate manner, including publishing the notice on its website.

HIPAA Regulatory Citation:  45 CFR § 164.520
Effective:  11/13/2002
Revised:  09/23/2013, 04/14/2003
Reviewed: 03/16/2021, 06/09/2015

Donise W. Pearson, HIPAA Privacy Officer
UT Dallas Callier Center