Callier Clinical Research Center

Communication disorders are a major public health issue, affecting 5 to 10 percent of the U.S. population. Such disorders have adverse effects on people of all ages, interfering with their ability to interact with others and to interface with the world. Advances in research are critical to improving the lives of people with communication disorders, by ensuring that communication challenges are detected early, treated effectively, and whenever possible, prevented entirely.

The mission of the Callier Clinical Research Center (CCRC) is to bring us closer to this ideal through focused, problem-based, and collaborative research that spans the behavioral sciences, neuroscience, engineering, computer science and medicine and that translates research findings into solutions to real-world problems throughout the allied Callier Centers and the DFW community. 

The CCRC supports the preparation of future scientist and practitioners who will develop and apply innovative approaches to assessment, treatment, and prevention of speech, language and hearing disorders with the ultimate goal of reducing the prevalence of communication disorders and minimizing the impact of communication disorders on individuals, families, and society.