Introducing Telehealth at Callier

Telehealth consultations are now available for both new and existing patients.

At the Callier Center, we are committed to your health and safety. We are also dedicated to providing you with the best hearing healthcare in the Dallas Metroplex. With the spread of coronavirus, we are introducing a comprehensive and patient-centered telehealth practice.

Hearing Services

Callier Center audiologists are available to consult with you remotely regarding your hearing concerns. We will provide hearing aid recommendations through consultation available on our telehealth systems. Unfortunately, diagnostic hearing testing cannot be accurately completed online, as they require calibrated diagnostic equipment available in the office. If this service is needed, testing may be scheduled at a later date, but we will help you the best we are able until an in-person visit is available.

Hearing aid maintenance and troubleshooting are available through telehealth. Using video, our audiologists and technicians can check your hearing aids and help you resolve many issues. Phone visits may also provide adequate guidance. If your hearing aids need repair, we now offer mail-in and drop-off services for your safety and convenience. Contact our office to find out additional details on this unique option.

Remote programming is available for many hearing aids. Our goal has always been to provide the best hearing aid fittings possible. Through telehealth, we can continue to provide excellent fittings and remote adjustments to your hearing aid settings while you remain safely at home.

Communication Skills and Development

At the Callier Center, we offer remote classes and consultations for those with hearing loss and their communication partners. Communication techniques are discussed and practiced. You may benefit from the support of these group sessions from the comfort of your own home. Telehealth provides us with the unique ability to perform certain evaluations that could not be completed in-office. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss assistive device assessments and consultations for your home.


We look forward to helping you remotely with tinnitus management. The Callier Center’s audiologists are trained to help you successfully manage your tinnitus. The strategies and techniques required for tinnitus management are well suited to telehealth delivery with additional in-person evaluations and follow-up visits to be scheduled in the future.

Dedicated Pediatric Services

Pediatric hearing aid checks, programming and consultations may now be conducted through telehealth. Our pediatric audiologists are prepared to provide your family and child with compassionate and highly skilled hearing services. You may also be interested in joining one of our online classes and support groups to learn communication skills and strategies.  Curbside services for hearing aid repairs are available.

Communication Access Through Technology

It’s Easy to Get Started! Here’s how:

  1. Contact us at (972) 883-3030 to set up a telehealth appointment
  2. Our clinic will send you a link with any necessary paperwork that must be completed before the visit. 
  3. You will need a telephone, tablet or laptop with a camera for a video appointment. For a phone appointment you will need a cellular telephone with reliable service or a home landline. 
  4. For video visits, you will need reliable broadband internet (WIFI) and/or a service carrier that supports speeds of 4G or greater with available bandwidth through your phone plan.

We look forward to visiting with you!