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  • Evaluation & Treatment

Evaluation & Treatment

Child Development

Preschool Office

Phone: (972) 883-3094

Fax: Fax(972) 883-3058

Infant-Toddler Office

Phone: (972) 883-3099

Fax: Fax(972) 883-3004

Callier Business Office / Accounts

Sara Taylor: (972) 883-3119

Email: Sara Taylor

Services unavailable at Richardson Location


Bachelor of Science Program in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Email: Leah Barfield

Email: Kevin Jackson

Email: Kathleen Ritchie

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Phone: (972) 883-2358

Email: Robert D. Stillman, PhD

Master of Science Program in Communication Disorders

Program Office:

Phone: (972) 883-3060

Email: Robert D. Stillman, PhD

Doctor of Audiology Program

Program Office:

Phone: (972) 883-3116

Email: Colleen LePrell, PhD


Program Office

Phone: (972) 883-3116

Fax: Fax(972) 883-3146

Administrative Assistant

Email: Ciara Owens


Senior Director of Development

Phone: (972) 883-3084

Email: Justin Banta

Fax: Fax(972) 883-3022

Assistant Director of Development

Phone: (972) 883-3097

Email: Melanie O’Brien

Fax: Fax(972) 883-3022

Director of Development

Phone: (972) 883-3025

Email: Jennifer Fowler

Fax: Fax(972) 883-3022

Director of Development Communications

Phone: (972) 883-3019

Email: Kristi Shewmaker

Fax: Fax(972) 883-3022

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