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New Callier Center Test Catches Cause of Balance Issues

After a recent program expansion, the Callier Center is one of the few facilities in North Texas that has the capability to provide a full battery of tests for problems associated with dizziness, balance or uncontrollable eye movements.

Hope Story: Stefanie and Aaron Conley

Stefanie and Aaron Conley established a planned gift of $150,000 to be used by the Callier Center director to propel Callier’s mission and leave a lasting impact.

Research Story: Dr. Edward Lobarinas

Callier researchers aim to enhance the listening experience of hearing-impaired children and adults who attend musical and theater events in Dallas.

Training Story: Elena Keltner

Through her research, Elena Keltner aims to help treat adults with word-finding difficulties caused by stroke, brain injury or other communication disorders.

Meet Isabella

At age 3, Isabella Gonzalez put her ear to the TV speakers to hear cartoons. When her family’s insurance denied coverage for hearing services, generous donors bridged the gap.

Giving Story: Northwood Woman’s Club

To commemorate its 50th year, Northwood Woman’s Club selected the Callier Center as its sole beneficiary and raised $250,000, which was matched by other gift funds at the Callier Center to create a $500,000 endowment.

Hope Story: Crystal Charity Ball

In 2016, the Crystal Charity Ball awarded the Callier Center a grant for $630,000 to provide hearing evaluations, hearing aids and three years of follow-up services to approximately 360 children from low-income families. Through Crystal Charity’s generosity…

Dr. Jun Wang, Callier Center researcher

The Callier Center gives a voice to people who don’t have one, and the research of Dr. Jun Wang is a core part of that mission. Wang is developing a silent speech processor, in which a person’s lips and tongue movements will be recognized by a sensor and then translated into spoken words. When completed,…