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David Tolstyka, audiology graduate student

At age 15, David Tolstyka suffered from an autoimmune inner ear disease. Within three months, he went from normal hearing to profound bilateral deafness. “There’s an existential dread to losing a sense,” Tolstyka said. “It’s something that no one can prepare for.” Tolstyka underwent cochlear implant surgery in Michigan. When his family moved to Texas,…

Addy DeWolfe

Two-and-a-half-year-old Addy DeWolfe loves to sing “Wheels on the Bus,” but when she was born, she failed her newborn hearing screening and was later diagnosed with permanent hearing loss in both ears. “The day we found out she was deaf, I was pretty devastated,” said Jennifer DeWolfe, Addy’s mother. At 14 months old, Addy received…

Giving Story: The Meadows Foundation and Ruth and Ken Altshuler

To honor longtime Callier champions The Meadows Foundation and Ruth and Dr. Ken Altshuler, the clinical wings located inside the Callier Center Expansion at The University of Texas at Dallas were recently named the Meadows Foundation Wing and the Altshuler Wing. “Al Meadows invested in Callier from the beginning…


A collaboration between Callier and RoboKind, Robots4Autism™ uses a humanoid robot to deliver research-based lessons that teach social behaviors to children with autism.

Meet Cole

The people at the Callier Center make me feel like I don’t need to go through difficult times anymore.

Meet Ashish

When I was in second grade, when I first got hearing aids, I could finally hear the teacher…Thank you Callier. You are my HEAR O.

Meet Amy

Before, I felt abnormal. I didn’t feel like who I was. Coming here, it was more like God sent me here. This is what I needed.

Meet Graycie

Because of Callier, I can hear, and they just keep my super ears [hearing aids] going, so I don’t miss a thing.

Meet Kourtnei

Kourtnei received a bone-conducting hearing aid and benefited from hearing services.

Meet Jack

I used to go to Callier two times a week, and we used to do speech class. Two years ago, they said I’m done, because I have perfect speech.